Who we are

amber2014Amber Peeters (owner)

Whilst the popular media is now overflowing with ‘extreme makeovers’ and ‘mega metamorphoses’ the founder and populariser of the make-up industry in the Netherlands should unquestionably be called Dik Peeters. As early as 1982, he founded his ground breaking make up school.

I’m Amber Peeters, his niece. As a teenager I worked at the school of my favourite uncle and I jumped at every opportunity to understand and gain insight into his world: from office work, cleaning, attending trade fairs, organizing shows to the daily washing of his brushes! Many times I was summoned to sit as a model for his students. Bit by bit, I learned what my uncle knew.

But I still tried to expand my vocational path and knowledge via a professional training in advertising. Following this, I embarked on the make-up and hair styling training. On completion I decided to leave the safe nest and found work at an advertising agency. Blood, however, is thicker than water, and so I started at the age of 21 my first company. My first enterprise was (not surprisingly) working on photography, film and advertising productions.

This move brought me close to my roots. For a number of years I was an assistant to my uncle Dik Peeters who, by now, had become a photographer. I also ran, for two days a week, a portion of his hair & make-up school. In 1993 I bought the school from my uncle. Since that time the training has undergone various changes but still retains the good basic techniques and education offered originally by my uncle.

Dik Peeters started his illustrious career as a model at the age of 17. He completed his barber training in Paris and then went to Milan for two years. There he became one of the international professional world hairdressers and further developed himself as a make up artist. He worked globally for major international magazines, including, amongst others, Vogue, Tatler, Marie Claire, and Elle. In 1982 he founded the ‘Hair & Make-up school Dik Peeters’ and the Dik Peeters Agency (an Agency for Make up artists), which was a huge and immediate success. Being the first school for the training of makeup artists in the Netherlands, it became renowned in a very short time attracting students from far and wide. Dik’s passion extended to print media with the creation of the magazine ‘Makeup & Beauty’ (not be missed), which, for 15 years, he produced. He also starred in a commercial for the beer brand Grolsch. My part in all this became clear over the years. Dik sadly died shortly after my purchase of the school in 1993.

I am passionate as a ‘legacy holder’ in guarding the quality and heritage of the school. I find that passion and discipline among the students is very important in carrying the work forward. The 35-year-old school already has a huge list of famous makeup artists trained and working for international magazines, designers, TV and film. My intention is to continue to build on what has already been established by bringing make up artists of a very high calibre into the field.

fotosinySiny van der Velde (makeup artist)

My name is Siny van der Velde. For over 20 years I have had the immense pleasure of being a tutor at ‘Make Up School Dik Peeters’ teaching the hair and make up diploma courses. Hair and makeup fascinated me from an early age and I ended up enrolling as a student at ‘Dik Peeters’ as a way of pursuing my hobby. Little did I know that my hobby would turn into an exciting and fulfilling career! During and after my studies I had many opportunities to work with Dik Peeters for various beauty and fashion productions both at home and abroad. I have also worked on fashion shows (eg. Wolford and fashion academies) commercials (including C & A, KPN, Nivea), TV (Construction, Holland’s Next Top Model), Photography (O’Neill, Barretos, Agis, Tops Ante and many more), workshops for L’Oreal and Maybelline, and various video clips (including Racoon and Replay). It is this variety in my work and the different locations that ensure my work as a make up artist never becomes boring or routine.

fotoannnekeAnneke Looijesteijn (makeup artist)

I’m Anneke Looijesteijn and for many years now I have been working as a makeup artist. I have always been interested in fashion, photography and makeup. I loved nothing more than experimenting and being creative with my own ‘look’ – hair, makeup, and fashion – experiments that I would eventually photograph. I also enjoyed working in the same way with others and giving them ‘make overs’ and transforming their ‘look’ and then photographing them. My perspective changed when I read an interview with Dik Peeters wherein he explained that for photography very particular and specialized techniques were needed when making up a model to be photographed. I wanted to know more and so when he opened the school I was first in line – eureka! So that was it. Now I understood why my well-intentioned amateur photos were never what I had in mind. Since then I’ve been working for a long time and still with a lot of fun and fulfilment. The making of beautiful images – together with the photographer and stylist – that’s what I want. As a tutor at the school my vision for my students is to first embed firm technique and then to use that firm base as an exciting springboard for their own creativity. If you have mastered the technique, you have the skill to bring to life your own creative vision! Also important of course is to make the right makeup choice for the model and the job. These are all things you will learn on the course. Finally, I expect students to have drive, ambition, and passion and to simply ‘go for it’!

fotomariaMaria Sercan (makeup artist)

I am Mary Sercan, I have worked in fashion for 8 years. I am a graduate of the ‘Groen School’ having completed the hairdressing course. I have worked as a hairdresser at Simcha Stuiver, who taught me all the tips and tricks of hairdressing. My connection with Dik Peeters started when a friend on the make up course asked me to sit as a model. In no time at all I realised that there was a very strong resonance and I wanted to make a career from hair and makeup. I wanted to learn the trade from the very best and after extensive research all paths pointed to Dik Peeters! In 2003 I enrolled on both the hairstyling and makeup courses. Since then I have invested in myself by jumping at all of the opportunities that have crossed my path – both independently and through the school. I now work as a freelance makeup artist / hair stylist for several photographers, magazines, fashion shows, commercials etc. Clients I have worked for include ‘Gerry Hurkmans de glossy’, ‘Vriendin’, Fudge, CliniClowns, and Nissan. I teach on the hairstyling course at Dik Peeters and love to teach others what you can do with hair and makeup.

Kira-KroegmanKira Kroegman (makeup artist)

Hi, I’m Kira Kroegman and I work as a freelance make-up artist / hairstylist which I thoroughly enjoy! It is a profession in which you are available 24/7 and respond to the latest trends in both make up and fashion. Over the years I have had many fortunate opportunities to collaborate internationally with a diverse range of clients. As a make-up artist and hairstylist with a solid and technically rigorous training from Dik Peeters behind me, I have the skills and tools to support the creative process – allowing it to develop, evolve, and flourish.  On the set of a photo shoot is where I really fly.  The cauldron of creative energy experienced on set, together with the synthesis of multiple ideas, is where you will experience the true satisfaction of the profession.  It is the mutual exploration, the creating and finding of the right ‘look’ for the movie, or the discovery and creation of the “one “picture the perfectly fulfils the brief – this is why we do what we do. This is what I bring to the course as tutor: my passion for the work.  With great enthusiasm, I therefore offer up my knowledge in the hope that it supports new talent and functions as a secure and proper grounding for those that are taking their first steps on the path of this beautiful profession.