Hair styling training

This training can be embarked upon before, during or after the Visagist (Makeup) Training. Unlike the ‘Dutch Barber’ exam, this training is clearly focused on the practical skills needed for fashion shows, photographic, film, and television production. The curriculum will include pinning up, raised blow drying, curling, historical and trend hairstyles and a little theory. It is taught by a teacher / makeup artist with extra support for pupils provided by the guidance of an assistant.

In this course you will learn all the hair techniques you need as a makeup artist. The focus of the course is the practical application of skills and techniques and is therefore very valuable to someone who wishes to maximise their ability as a good makeup artist. The Hairstyling training can be done prior to, concurrently, or following the Makeup course.

For the practical sessions you will need to bring a model. On completion of the Professional Training in hairstyling (including passing the exam) a diploma will be awarded. There are NO theory exams held as the final summative assessment exam is practical. Course materials, including the course book, must be purchased through the school.

The course consists of

Curling Tongs (long & short hair) , Pins & Clips (long & short hair), Historical Periods and Styles, Bendy Rollers (‘papillote’), Hair with chicken wire, Hair following examples, Back Combing, preparation for professional practice, Blow drying with round brush, Braids, Trend Hairstyles, Hair Pieces, Straightening (hand blow dry) , Photo, Film Techniques, Hair from 1750 to 1800, and Wave Creation (long & short hair). Please note that there is mentoring throughout the course.

Cost of training (8 weeks)

Euro 1500, = (excluding equipment). May be met in three installments Euro 300, = entry at enrollment and two installments of Euro 600, =, the first 3 months before and the last one month after the start. In exceptional cases it is also possible to pay in installments (inquiries should be addressed to Amber Peeters personally). You will receive a confirmation with payment details.

Material costs will need to be added to the course costs as follows.

Material case

The case is made up of professional equipment. The course book and the digital photographs are included.
Material case bronze: € 650,=
Material case silver: € 950,=
Material case gold: € 1.250,=
Material case platinum: € 1.750,=


Examination Costs: Euro 125, =.


Vocational Hair Styling.




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