Visagie training (makeup artist)

During the training, amongst other topics, makeup for photography, film, fashion shows and TV will all be covered. Lessons will not be just about technique (as important as that is) but also about the art of ‘visagie’ as a specialized craft. Attention is paid to the history of makeup, makeup for dark skin, makeup for men, fantasy makeup, makeup trends, free expression, and many other topics in this area. All lessons are taught by a teacher / makeup artist with extra support provided by an assistant. The broad curriculum that we offer gives you the distinct advantage of being able to work in many and varied industries. Above all, the course is a vocational training and therefore adopts a very practical approach to learning – this ultimately provides a well grounded professional qualification.

Many makeup artists who have made names for themselves within the industry have followed this course and are now working in television, fashion, advertising, video and theatre. Whilst the course will provide you with all the knowledge you need to enter the profession as a make up artist, it is wise to also embark on our hairstyling training – either simultaneously or after completion. The reason for this is that whilst many employers provide hairstylists, many do not! The make up artist who is also a hairstylist increases their chances of getting booked many times over.

During the theory lessons your task for the session will be clearly explained. For the practical sessions you will need to bring a model. During assessment lessons your work will be digitally photographed and used in later lessons for more detailed discussion and formative assessment. Photo’s will be mailed to students for inclusion in their portfolios. On completion of the Professional Training in Make Up or hairstyling (including passing the exam) a diploma will be awarded. There are NO theory exams held as the final summative assessment exam is practical. Also, Dik Peeters has been collaboratively designing an Industry Diploma (‘branchediploma’) in Make Up. This means that there is the possibility of taking the separate national exam from ANBOS (General Dutch Industry Organisation for Beauty). A decision about whether to take the ANBOS exam can be decided at the end of the course.Course materials, including the course book, must be purchased through the school.

HAAR & MAKE-UP SCHOOL DIK PEETERS also offer opportunities for intern-ships and job training during and after the completion of your diploma. We mentor our graduates for 3 years after graduation in their search for work. We send to our students (via email) all of the requests we receive from photographers, film companies, fashion shows etc. for make-up and hair artists. Each graduate is free to respond to the request – although this is not obligatory. This privilege is only available to graduates of Haar & Make-up School Dik Peeters.

Continuing professional development is covered by our ‘trend’ courses which are exclusively given for former students. As you evolve professionally these courses provide an exciting source of inspiration and new learning.

The Makeup course curriculum consists of

Base Makeup, Varieties of Eye Makeup, Blush & Contouring, Color & Production learning, Mouth, Eyebrows, Artificial lashes, Summative Assessment with photos (exam), Brow bone crease (Arcadeboog) , Dark skin, Photo & Film Makeup, Trend Makeup (latest trends , Fashion makeup, Older lady makeup, Fantasy makeup, Practice Preparation, Makeup for Men, ‘Drag’ makeup, Period makeup male / female).

Training Costs

Euro 2500, = (excluding equipment). May be met in three installments Euro 300, = entry at enrollment and two installments of Euro 1100, =, the first 3 months before and the last one month after the start. In exceptional cases it is also possible to pay in alternative installments (requests should be addressed to Amber Peeters personally). You will receive a confirmation with payment details.

Material case

The case is made up of professional makeup from different brands, the textbook and the digital photographs are included.
Material case bronze: € 760,=
Material case silver: € 1.250,=
Material case gold: € 1.750,=
Material case platinum: € 1.999,=


Exams: Costs: Euro 125,=.


Vocational MakeUp.




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